Christopher E. French
President and Chief Executive Officer
Richard A. Baughman
Vice President - Information Technology
Brian P. Brooks
Vice President - Wireless Sales
Kevin R. Folk
Vice President - Wireless Network Operations
Christopher S. Kyle
Vice President - Industry Affairs and Regulatory
Edward H. McKay
Sr. Vice President – Wireline and Engineering
Earle A. MacKenzie
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Daniel J. Meenan
Vice President – Wireless Network Development
Raymond B. Ostroski
General Counsel and Vice President – Legal and Corporate Secretary
William L. Pirtle
Sr. Vice President -Wireless
Adele M. Skolits
Chief Financial Officer and Vice President - Finance
John A. Turtora
Vice President - Accounting and Planning
Angela T. Washington
Vice President - Customer Service
Thomas A. Whitaker
Sr. Vice President - Cable
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